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We are TEAM VEERASWAY: Three old friends, 2400 miles of the most dangerous roads in the world, one terrible vehicle and no bags. What can go wrong?

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    The Team

    The Drivers


    Patrick ‘Cheeks’ Marsden – Rickshaw Driver

    Chicago, IL

    A dual U.S. and British citizen, Patrick, aged 27, was raised in England, Turkey and India. For the past five years Patrick has lived and worked in Chicago as a consultant in the financial services industry. Patrick failed his first driving test (three years ago) by merging into a funeral procession that had turned left through a red light.  Fortunately, he passed his second one. Patrick’s red cheeks have been the source of endless amusement for Ed Morris who coined the nickname ‘cheeks’, at the tender age of 12, which has sadly lasted for 14 years.


    Ed ‘Tempest’ Templeton - Rickshaw Driver

    London, England

    Born and raised in London, Ed, aged 27, currently works in the London office of an international ad agency. Ed lived in Rome, where he studied languages, and is frequently to be found in Spain visiting his family. After a brief stint as a narrator on the kids news show ‘Newsround’, Ed retired from television and found his calling on the rugby pitch where his furious style of play earned him his nickname ‘Tempest’.

    Jake O'Hear

    Jake ‘The Snake’ O’Hear - Rickshaw Driver

    London, England

    Also born and raised in London and similarly 27, Jake currently works in finance in the city of London. An accomplished rugby player. Snake will bring determination and grit to the team. With a background in endurance sports Jake will provide the needed back bone when the going gets tough. Most importantly he is very good at making fun of Ed Templeton which is an attribute that the entire team respects (apart from Ed). 

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