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We are TEAM VEERASWAY: Three old friends, 2400 miles of the most dangerous roads in the world, one terrible vehicle and no bags. What can go wrong?

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    The Most Useless Vehicle In Production


    Top speed: 34 mph (downhill)

    Power: 7 Horse Power (small lawnmowers have 14 HP)

    Fuel Capacity: 2.1 gallons, inc. 0.6 gallon reserve

    With a pounding heart of 145.45cc pushing 7hp of raw power to the wheels the Indian Auto Rickshaw is engineering at its… well perhaps not its best. Driving a ‘shaw might not be the fastest thing you’ll ever do, but by goodness it brings a smile to the face. Loud, uncomfortable, prone to breaking down and completely useless at protecting you from the elements they are possibly the least suitable vehicles for covering the entire sub-continent in a month. Which is of course the reason they are the only choice to tackle thousands of miles of sweaty jungle heat, dirt tracks, monsoon rains and the Himalayan peaks.

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