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We are TEAM VEERASWAY: Three old friends, 2400 miles of the most dangerous roads in the world, one terrible vehicle and no bags. What can go wrong?

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    The Plan

    This Video Provides a Very brief summary of all this madness

                  “As Far as Possible, Without Surrender”

    On September 10th, 2011, with no support, we will drive an auto-rickshaw 2400 miles across Nepal and Northern India. Our goal is to raise lots of cash for two charities. We will be taking the trip with absolutely no baggage only what we can fit in the pockets of our Scottevest Travel Clothing!

    For those unfamiliar with the Auto-Rik it is a three wheeled, unreliable, deathtrap favored as a vehicle for short-distance urban travel in countries like India and Thailand.

    We will take this glorified lawnmower from the city of Shillong across the Himalayas, through the jungle and finally across the Rajasthan desert to the ‘Golden City’ of Jaisalmeer.

    Planning Table

    Our only obstacles on this journey are the near certain twice daily breakdowns of the vehicle, an evermore violent Maoist insurgency of Naxalite rebels, murderous and thieving bandits, some of the most dangerous roads in the world, and the monsoon season. What fun.

    The goal of this expedition is to raise large amounts of money for charity and have an old fashioned adventure. We will be keeping you updated as to the great amount of work, training, fund raising, and difficulties that we are sure to face in getting this trip off the ground.

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