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We are TEAM VEERASWAY: Three old friends, 2400 miles of the most dangerous roads in the world, one terrible vehicle and no bags. What can go wrong?

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    Awesome People

    A big thank you to the following people for their help in this project:

    Angela and Chris Lee - Being the first to believe in the whole plan

    Drew Olson, Chicago, IL - Website Assistance

    Rob Gibbs, Chicago, IL - Social Networking Assistance

    Kevin Hauswirth, Chicago, IL - Strategy Planning

    Professor Robert Parker, Oxford University, UK - Latin translation

    Lily Mueller Marcus, Chicago, IL - Team Name

    Davide Sikora, Chicago IL - AutoRik Location Assistance

    Monika Sharma, Chicago IL - Apna Ghar liason

    Marco Ryan, Cairo, Egypt - Contacts, general enthusiasm, Britishness.

    Cathie Gray, Chicago IL - Introductions and lots of other help.

    Andrew Nutt, Chicago, IL - Mechanical education

    Matthew Buckingham (aka Dj Buck), Chicago IL - Providing free beats at fundraisers

    Matthew Lew, Chicago, IL - Letting us use his gallery

    Keith Kristinat, Chicago, IL - Finding a two stroke engine in a scrapyard, editing help and eating a ghost chili

    Dave Gloe, Chicago, IL - Eating a ghost chili

    Lane Imberman, Chicago, IL - Eating a ghost chili and dealing with engines, maps and endless conversations about the trip

    Evan Lantz - Eating a ghost chili like a champ. “My lips feel like shriveled up chillis”.

    Dr. Erik Skulborstad, Chicago, IL - Medical advice

    The National Bureau, Bank of America, AMVBBDO - Employing us even though we are doing this.

    Bulleit Whiskey, Chicago, IL - Donating booze

    Gopi Engineer, Chicago IL - Donating her mad Bollywood dancing skills.

    Venetia van Hoorne Alkema, London, England -Donating her photography skills for the fundraiser.

    Serge Moussalli, London, England - Being our London ‘fixer’ and all around good lad.

    Surabhi Saraswat, Chicago IL - Being a a legendary motivator and bridge to the Indian community in Chicago.

    Amalie Drury, Chicago IL - Impeccable journalism.

    Uniball Pens, Chicago IL - Particularly Whitney Kelly for being thoroughly awesome.

    Dave Roush, Chicago IL - Chief camera man for the ’80s run promo video.

    Mike Carver, Chicago IL - Chief production dude for the 80s run promo video.

    Ryan Katz, Chicago IL - Giving High Fives like a champ.

    Ashley Kantro, Chicago IL - Blog assistance and wearing a mustache in our ’80s promo video.

    Nora O’Donnell, Chicago IL - Chicago Magazine, awesome journalism and enthusiasm for this madness.

    Ryan Cooper, Chicago IL - Professional quality camera work, technological advice.

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