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We are TEAM VEERASWAY: Three old friends, 2400 miles of the most dangerous roads in the world, one terrible vehicle and no bags. What can go wrong?

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    How Did This All Happen?

    It started with one email to Angela Lee. Marsden and Lee talked it out. Lee staked the cash for the rik, Marsden formed the team and it has been unstoppable since.

    Angela Lee and Veerasway restaurant have allowed us to concentrate on the planning and fundraising aspect of the journey and have donated a considerable amount of time, effort, food, patience and understanding to the whole trip. We owe them everything.

    Angela Lee - India

    Angela “Queen” Lee – Team Owner

    Chicago, IL

    Born in the U.S. state of Michigan, age unknown, Angela has been a staple in Chicago’s West Loop restaurant scene for nearly 12 years. In 1999 she opened Sushi Wabi, a pioneer in urban, upscale sushi, an otherwise unknown genre.  Five years later, it was de cero, a modern day taqueria.  And, in the spring of 2008, Angela created Veerasway, a modern Indian restaurant, inspired by her travels to India, London, and her love of Indian culture.  This collection of crown jewels, all on Randolph Street, inspired renowned food critic Phil Vettel to refer to her as the ‘Queen of Randolph’.  Angela’s mother, unimpressed with the nickname, reportedly asked of her daughter “Queens either get dethroned or beheaded…which one would you like?”

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