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We are TEAM VEERASWAY: Three old friends, 2400 miles of the most dangerous roads in the world, one terrible vehicle and no bags. What can go wrong?

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    The Experts

    Meet The Experts

    Team Veerasway is lucky to surround themselves with intelligent people who have far more knowledge than they have. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer our most challenging questions. Is leprosy contagious? Why are there swastikas everywhere? Will my iPhone work in the Himalayas? Will our vehicle work after a night soaking  in the Ganges? What is the best way to survive a knife attack?

    Got a question for them? Email it to teamveerasway@gmail.com


    Dr. Erik Skulborstad, M.D.

    Expertise: Medicine



    Manish Kumar

    Expertise: Indian Culture and Society



    Anonymous Action Man

    Expertise: Staying Alive in Bad Situations.


    Evan Lantz

    Expertise: Drinking/Partying

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